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Founder Raphael’s favorite baseball cap is the original style, invented and first worn by the Brooklyn Excelsiors baseball team in the 1860’s. The style that later conquered the streets of New York, and then the US: the high profile, structured crown, flat brim cap.

Even in the hometown of the original snapback, Raphael couldn’t find a quality one that wasn’t grossly overpriced. So, he decided to bring the stylish, classic, and reasonably priced baseball cap back to Brooklyn - the way it used to be. Raphael designed and carefully crafted the baseball hat of his dreams at one of the last cap factories in the USA.

It didn’t take long for friends to start asking him to make ones for them. Calling him ‘papá’ - a term used endearingly among friends in his latin neighborhood.

Papa Originals was born.



Since the beginning, our Papa Originals luxury caps are designed and manufactured in Brooklyn. We respect the integrity and history of the classic baseball cap. Born in Brooklyn, we couldn't produce it anywhere else. 
We respect our consumers, by proposing a true and authentic product.



From pure charmeuse silk to cotton canvas and stoned oil leather, all material we use are premium, 
offering customers' comfort and elegance to the hatCotton canvas is one of the most durable fabrics. Our fine water-resistant leather is stone oiled for a most elegant finish. Our signature charmeuse silk lining helps temperature regulation and anti-static control.



Minimalistic design that is versatile enough to complement classic and streetwear styles. Elegance that fits with shirts or t-shirts. We chose to leave our design as simple as possible. Our team has never liked branded fashion apparels and believe the Papa Original brand will speak for itself. You'll recognize our caps by their signature silk lining and superior leather detailing on the front.